Virtual Meeting Host

With over 30 years of stage experience working as an Emcee, Moderator for all kinds of events, I’m able to bring that experience to your meeting or virtual event! Looking for a friendly and engaging person to host your webinars? I’m fun and professional! “Heckler management included!”

I will be your Professional Virtual Moderator for your Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Sales and Investor Pitches, Trainings, and Presentations over Zoom and Microsoft Team, or Google Meets calls.

When you hire me, you can rest assured that I will accomplish the following:

✅ Ensure that your attendees have all their materials and information
✅ Trouble shoot any issues during the calls
✅ Field questions in your Q&A segment
✅ Make your attendees and panel speakers feel comfortable

My basic service includes a 15 minute virtual call beforehand to go over materials and processes. I don’t create any visual materials or write the script–that is your job. My job is to make the meeting flow smoothly and allow you to shine!

Don’t grab Sheila from accounting or Bill from HR to manage a meeting that could cost your companies reputation. or THOUSANDS of dollars.

I AM available on short notice, but planning ahead is better!

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