Proof reading, Editing, & Correcting

Spoiler: We don’t write the same way we speak.

There it is. I write a lot of commercial and marketing copy and I catch myself.

Take: “I am going to go the store” can be read (and likely will be)

“I’m gonna go twoda store”

The first sentence, if read the way its written can sound mechanical, or robotic.

We can help “humanize” your script. With my sales and marketing background, I can also look at your script from the sales side. I just did a script this morning and the company name was only mentioned once at the beginning and never gave the web address. HUH?!

Happy to help with your scripts!!

Host/Emcee? Moderator? Presenter?

I do more and more virtual meeting management, I’m seeing confusion on what I do, or more accurately what people want. So…

Moderator: I might be “on screen” long enough to be introduced, but I’m really more like a stage manager in a play. I manage the event

Host/Emcee: I’m on screen and while helping to manage the event, I’m on screen sometimes managing and introducing guests, but I’m not the presenter.

Presenter: I’m the content provider. I may act as your company representative, or just the hired gun brought in to close the deal, but I’m doing the presentation. Of course there are combinations of these too?

May I help you in your virtual presentations and webinars? Contact me here!

What Does a Voice Artist Do? Wedding Toasts!

Installing carpet & moving furniture!! NOT!

Got rolling early today with a friend stopping by after his midnight shift to carry two rolls of carpet upstairs, helped me install one room, then we carried the furniture up that I also got yesterday. Whew!! And that was ALL done by 8:30!

Oh yeah, #voiceover! Why NOT have a voiceactor voice your wedding toast!? I had an order come in to record a fun toast. As the script was written in a humorous way, I gave them a second cut with a little “Grant Humor” tossed in. They loved it.

Did some revision work on the “off-world miner prisoner” character voice I’ve been working on for a video and finally work on how to use a soil testing device for a company. Never a dull day!

What can I voice for you?

#16 What Does a Voice Artist Do?

The week started with corporate reads on how to use a piece of equipment. Pacing is ALWAYS important. Pacing is what makes someone sound rushed or hesitant, confident or not. This week I’ve done three reads for corporate “how to” use a piece of equipment and the related software. When explaining software it is important to give the listener (this backed a video, so “viewer”) time to ‘go to the top menu and click on the Edit menu’. Pacing along with tone can significantly change a sentence. Take, “I got specials all the time, take a look!” Is dis guy sarcastic? Street vendor? Selling watches on the street? There’s probably 30 different ways to read that. That’s why context is so important! It’s also what makes the business fun! When you organization needs something explained or a character read, keep GrantsVoice in mind!

#15 Narration Voice & Style; What Does a Voice Artist Do?

When recording any script, it’s part of our job to deliver the tone, feel, style the buyer is looking for. This is as important in a 12 hour audio book as it is in a 30 second commercial spot. The hard part? Consistency. Most every commercial script has some semblance of a beginning, middle and end. And the voice over tone may change slightly to reflect that. But most often it doesn’t change dramatically. In what we call “long form” work, that consistency is crucial. While important enough that a given character sounds the same through the book, the narrator should also. Then was is the narrator doing? Telling the story? Leading you through the story? These are decisions that as the script/book writer you may know, and/or we help inform that!

#14 What Does a Voice Artist Do?

Of the important decisions voice artists and voice actors make are the pace & tone, or mood of what we’re reading. We often get direction from the client on the way they hear the script being read, but often I’m told, “Use your best judgement, this is going to be used to…” And based on that, We choose the pace and mood. Most often we get it right and sometimes we adjust!

In the video I talk about doing an audition for an audiobook by a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. They wanted it to sound like the older (present day in his 90’s I believe) gentleman is reading the story to you. There were two requests; 1) where the 1st person parts of the text would sound like him today, and 2) the 3rd person parts would be a more narrator voice. So in my video I demonstrate that difference. What do you have I can audition for? I’d love to work as the voice of your organization!

Getting started in Voice Over #1

Air conditioning is good, right?

Well, that brings up today’s tech challenge. YES! It is wonderful to have the house/studio at a nice temp. However, the warmer it gets, the more often the A/C runs! This leaves shorter and shorter gaps between runs to record it. Mainly, I work around that. Record until the A/C kicks on, do other “business stuff”, then it shuts off and back at it! Just one more thing to consider when you build out a space for recording! Oh! And I’ll be interviewed today for the WFXR “Living Local” show today for broadcast tomorrow!

#3 What does a voice actor do?

What can a voice actor do for you? A few minutes here describing my day yesterday creating a Voice over for a company in Italy- selling a property in Spain!! Whether you need property sold, a sales presentation done, a mechanical operation explained or a lead-through for you HR software system, contact me about recording for you!

#2 What does a Voice Actor do?

Why hire a voice-over actor? I mean YOU can talk, right? I’ve done a ton of training, coaching and learning to use software and assembled expensive equipment in a remodeled studio to make you sound good. A voice actor can also talk about you in a way that if you talked that way, it would come off as arrogant, or boastful. Let me boast for you! Contact me about promoting your business or service today!

#1! What does a voice actor do?

This is the video that “started it all” as they say. I wanted to start a daily blog, or similar where I would talk about what was on my mind with a different focus every day. This is the first talking about the voice over world. It will be interesting to look back on this someday and see how it has changed over time.