#16 What Does a Voice Artist Do?

The week started with corporate reads on how to use a piece of equipment. Pacing is ALWAYS important. Pacing is what makes someone sound rushed or hesitant, confident or not. This week I’ve done three reads for corporate “how to” use a piece of equipment and the related software. When explaining software it is important to give the listener (this backed a video, so “viewer”) time to ‘go to the top menu and click on the Edit menu’. Pacing along with tone can significantly change a sentence. Take, “I got specials all the time, take a look!” Is dis guy sarcastic? Street vendor? Selling watches on the street? There’s probably 30 different ways to read that. That’s why context is so important! It’s also what makes the business fun! When you organization needs something explained or a character read, keep GrantsVoice in mind!

#14 What Does a Voice Artist Do?

Of the important decisions voice artists and voice actors make are the pace & tone, or mood of what we’re reading. We often get direction from the client on the way they hear the script being read, but often I’m told, “Use your best judgement, this is going to be used to…” And based on that, We choose the pace and mood. Most often we get it right and sometimes we adjust!

In the video I talk about doing an audition for an audiobook by a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. They wanted it to sound like the older (present day in his 90’s I believe) gentleman is reading the story to you. There were two requests; 1) where the 1st person parts of the text would sound like him today, and 2) the 3rd person parts would be a more narrator voice. So in my video I demonstrate that difference. What do you have I can audition for? I’d love to work as the voice of your organization!

Legacy Demos

Like the other “Legacy” pages, these were recorded more than a few years ago. Styles change and some of this may be outdated, but its still my voice and work I’ve done. Track 1 is my “normal voice” with appropriate variations for the spot(s). Track 2 is doing some character work and Track 3 was a poke of fun to all the “In A Land…” VO work being done at the time. Enjoy.

Legacy Demos

Slightly different style than todayBack in the day

A variety of reads in my normal voice(Grant Holmes)
This one was playing with the popular 'IN A LAND...' opening.(Grant Holmes)

Characters & Accents

I’ve always loved to play with accents and characters. As a some-time stage actor, I suppose one fed the other. You don’t want to read, you want to listen, right?

Characters- LOT's of characters!

This is just a taste!What can I record for you?

Mix: Cowboy; 'Mr. Yangenfelder'; Pirate; and a Witch(Grant Holmes)
Mix: Film Noir; Tough Guy; Mr. Wimpy; Electronica(Grant Holmes)

Audio Production

So what’s the difference between an “okay” voice over and one that catches your attention? In the case of production, the importance is in catching the ear of your audience. Below are three clips. Same voice over, added music, then a couple extra goodies.

Audio Production

Mix of various styles and readsWhich would you buy from?

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Motorcycle Shop Commercial

A short commercial produced “in-house”. Being an active motorcycle rider, I created an imaginary repair shop that worried over your ride. Was it safe? I’ve been to shops that hold these values. The project was written, story boarded, images and music selected, assembled and rendered. If your project, business, or organization needs simple effective media, voice over or other focus, keep GrantsVoice in mind!