Host/Emcee? Moderator? Presenter?

I do more and more virtual meeting management, I’m seeing confusion on what I do, or more accurately what people want. So…

Moderator: I might be “on screen” long enough to be introduced, but I’m really more like a stage manager in a play. I manage the event

Host/Emcee: I’m on screen and while helping to manage the event, I’m on screen sometimes managing and introducing guests, but I’m not the presenter.

Presenter: I’m the content provider. I may act as your company representative, or just the hired gun brought in to close the deal, but I’m doing the presentation. Of course there are combinations of these too?

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Getting started in Voice Over #5

Let’s talk about starting your own business. NOT a #voiceover business, ANY business. It takes a mind-set not everyone is geared for, and that’s okay! I talk about several places to go for help SBDC (, SCORE ( are two, FREE resources to help you start.

Do some soul-searching. Are you okay with NOT making any money next week? How long can you go without income? How can you start “today” with little money and how far can you get doing that? Are you okay with working for periods with no day off? This is a BUSINESS mental attitude/aptitude question more than it is about voice acting.

Talk to someone you know that owns and operates a business. Buy them a coffee and ask what you need to look out for. Good luck! I’m happy to chat for a few minutes or do a paid mentoring session.

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What Does a Voice Artist Do? Wedding Toasts!

Installing carpet & moving furniture!! NOT!

Got rolling early today with a friend stopping by after his midnight shift to carry two rolls of carpet upstairs, helped me install one room, then we carried the furniture up that I also got yesterday. Whew!! And that was ALL done by 8:30!

Oh yeah, #voiceover! Why NOT have a voiceactor voice your wedding toast!? I had an order come in to record a fun toast. As the script was written in a humorous way, I gave them a second cut with a little “Grant Humor” tossed in. They loved it.

Did some revision work on the “off-world miner prisoner” character voice I’ve been working on for a video and finally work on how to use a soil testing device for a company. Never a dull day!

What can I voice for you?

Getting started in Voice Over #4

Episodes # One, Two and Three were about “The Space” and helping you to determine if you can record in the space you now live in. That done, today is “About you”!!!

So you’ve got a voice and you’re not afraid to use it. Great. Unless you have some awful vocal challenge there might be a slot for you in VO. There are several “on-air” people I can think of that in most cases, probably not pass the “voice for commercial success” test, yet there they are on national radio. So there’s that.

Do you like to read? If not, this might be a separation point for you. There is a LOT of reading in this business. Next, start reading out loud. Listen to your pacing and inflections. Does it sound clean? Can you read many sentences at a time without mistakes? Okay, now record yourself, put on headphones/ear buds and listen for weird pauses, mouth noise, etc. You’ll hear things listening back that you’ll never hear while you’re recording.

Practice reading for smoothness and flow. We’re not yet worrying over emphasis, etc. If you feel you read well, it’s likely time to have an initial coaching session or two with a good coach. Why one or two? To get a feel for the process and what’s required. Many coaches will give you a free session or half hour to get a feel for one another.

I’d be honored to help you start and get going with some initial coaching. Hit me at and let’s chat! Why is coaching next and not gathering scripts to practice? I’ve seen many talents practice the wrong things, then they have to unlearn bad habits. That just slows you down and adds cost.