Getting started in Voice Over #2

Getting started in Voice Over. A quick starter on “the space” you record in. So, you want quiet? Go read this article and start saving your money!! We need quiet space without ‘other’ noise like mowers and HVAC, even creaky floors. Are you in a condo or apartment where you have NO control over the noise made by the neighbors? These are all issues that need to be considered as you consider a VO career! I see many people so focused the OCD of minutiae (say: how to seal an outlet cover that backs another room to prevent sound waves from leaking in) that they miss the huge parts that are way more important!! Here’s some dB ratings to consider: #SoundAdviceFromGrant

If I can help you on your VO journey, please let me know!

Getting started in Voice Over #1

Air conditioning is good, right?

Well, that brings up today’s tech challenge. YES! It is wonderful to have the house/studio at a nice temp. However, the warmer it gets, the more often the A/C runs! This leaves shorter and shorter gaps between runs to record it. Mainly, I work around that. Record until the A/C kicks on, do other “business stuff”, then it shuts off and back at it! Just one more thing to consider when you build out a space for recording! Oh! And I’ll be interviewed today for the WFXR “Living Local” show today for broadcast tomorrow!