#15 Narration Voice & Style; What Does a Voice Artist Do?

When recording any script, it’s part of our job to deliver the tone, feel, style the buyer is looking for. This is as important in a 12 hour audio book as it is in a 30 second commercial spot. The hard part? Consistency. Most every commercial script has some semblance of a beginning, middle and end. And the voice over tone may change slightly to reflect that. But most often it doesn’t change dramatically. In what we call “long form” work, that consistency is crucial. While important enough that a given character sounds the same through the book, the narrator should also. Then was is the narrator doing? Telling the story? Leading you through the story? These are decisions that as the script/book writer you may know, and/or we help inform that!

Getting started in Voice Over #1

Air conditioning is good, right?

Well, that brings up today’s tech challenge. YES! It is wonderful to have the house/studio at a nice temp. However, the warmer it gets, the more often the A/C runs! This leaves shorter and shorter gaps between runs to record it. Mainly, I work around that. Record until the A/C kicks on, do other “business stuff”, then it shuts off and back at it! Just one more thing to consider when you build out a space for recording! Oh! And I’ll be interviewed today for the WFXR “Living Local” show today for broadcast tomorrow!

Epic Movie Trailer Voice Over

Coming this summer, in a land where everyone starts movie trailer type voice over for commercials with those words! But like the word “pivot”, what else ya gonna use? If you need this type of commercial script read, or other project in “voice over land,” contact me!

Shop Local Advertisement

A local Facebook page was looking for a bit of spark to get their page off the ground, so built this quick commercial for them pro-bono with the businesses that had participated to that point. Thanks to those ladies that got Shop Botetourt off the ground to support local business!

Social Media Commercial DJ Services

When you’re trying to break out of a pandemic that has nearly killed your business, having a way to remind people that you’ve been around for 20 years or more AND you are still here, is critical. Russell Sound Lab is a “go to” DJ service in northern Ohio. Need cool tunes managed by kind and generous staff? Call Joe at 330-494-9317!

Audio Production

So what’s the difference between an “okay” voice over and one that catches your attention? In the case of production, the importance is in catching the ear of your audience. Below are three clips. Same voice over, added music, then a couple extra goodies.

Audio Production

Mix of various styles and readsWhich would you buy from?

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Motorcycle Shop Commercial

A short commercial produced “in-house”. Being an active motorcycle rider, I created an imaginary repair shop that worried over your ride. Was it safe? I’ve been to shops that hold these values. The project was written, story boarded, images and music selected, assembled and rendered. If your project, business, or organization needs simple effective media, voice over or other focus, keep GrantsVoice in mind!

JOI Corporate Presentation

A best friend of mine, Carol Joy, operates a wonderful new company that intends to support brain health earlier in life by giving children and young adults better “life choice” skills. This presentation was created to help explain the concept.

Grant story boarded the concept, wrote the script, recorded the voice over and produced the final video.