Legacy Radio Promos

“Back in the day,” I spent time as the morning drive DJ at a local radio station in NE Ohio. I was paired with Katie, my morning show co-conspirator. I wrote the liners/promos and we recorded more than you’d want to listen to, so here’s a couple just to show my voice and the writing.

Radio Days Liners

Morning Drive DJBack in the day

Legacy Ads

“Back in the day” I was a morning drive radio DJ in NEOhio. During that time I wrote and recorded many ads for clients. I also recorded many Voice Over projects. This page is a smattering of various tracks from that era. There’s a bit of everything.

Radio Days VO ads

Morning Drive DJBack in the day

Motorcycle Shop Commercial

A short commercial produced “in-house”. Being an active motorcycle rider, I created an imaginary repair shop that worried over your ride. Was it safe? I’ve been to shops that hold these values. The project was written, story boarded, images and music selected, assembled and rendered. If your project, business, or organization needs simple effective media, voice over or other focus, keep GrantsVoice in mind!